The Lottery

Secret Venue (SF)

Thursday January 10th 2019 8:00 pm –  10:00 pm

The lottery event2

You're invited to the Lottery, where


The Lottery is a chance-based art experience and audience-centered variety show where everyone wins something meaningful and participates with each other. By going to this event you are taking a chance. So leave your expectations behind and welcome what we can build together. The Lottery is produced by WildKind Creations and hosted by comedian Krista Fatka & the ‘Instant Winners’


7 random lottery winners will co-create an experience for the entire audience, with help from an experience consultancy team.

3 random lottery winners will be the DJs

Many will win chances to join-in on our variety acts.

And everyone else wins something just for them.

VIBE >>> This is a participatory event. Be open. Be playful. Express your boundaries and respect others. We have an opt in/out consent practice, and we encourage people to try new things, and explore.


All Lottery ticket buyers must offer an experience-instruction for one random person to win at the event, and must send that info in advance while buying an online ticket. Don't spend too much time thinking that you forget to buy a ticket. Offer Something simple, or strange, silly, sincere, adventurous, tactical, collaborative, or experimental, that does not rely on you being part of it.

Examples of experience-Instructions are :

Say hello to 6 people physically close to you.

Tell someone about a time you remember winning.

Create a short choreographed wiggle dance with five other people.

Interview two people on opposite sides of the space, and then separately tell both people about the other.

Or create transactions of mutual exchange with strangers, like insight or compliment exchange.

Hope to see you there!


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Secret Venue (SF)

Dogpatch Area, SF

Map of Event Location